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Dr. Ric. Ing. Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci
Head of the Biomedical Cybernetics Group
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Content & Technical responsible webmaster:
Aldo Acevedo Toledo
PhD Student of the Biomedical Cybernetics Group
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Please also see the Legal Notice of Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC) and Technische Universität Dresden.

Legal disclaimer

The contents of these pages were prepared with utmost care. Nonetheless, we cannot assume liability for the timeless accuracy and completeness of the information.

Our website contains links to external websites. As the contents of these third-party websites are beyond our control, we cannot accept liability for them. Responsibility for the contents of the linked pages is always held by the provider or operator of the pages.

Personal data protection

In general, when visiting the LIPEA website, no personal data are saved. However, the following data can be given on a voluntary way when you execute an analysis under to legal bases: (1) the vital interest of the individual and (2) unambiguous consent of the individual.

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Affiliation
  • Nation

This data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent, and we will not send you spam or unwanted emails.

The purpose saving this data is send you an email with your analysis results when it has finished. If you want to receive your results by email again, the system will recognize your information automatically after the specification of your email. This information will be saved in our system as historical registers. However, if you want to remove this iformation from our database please send to us a message using the contact form with the subject "Personal data" and we will remove your information in a period of 24 hours.

Specifically, we are going to use this information as follow:

  • Name and Email: To personalize the emails with your results.
  • Affiliation and Nation: To maintain a register of the institutions (and their countries) that used our service. In the future, we would like to generate automatic translations according to the most frequent nations.

We point out that in regard to unsecured data transmission in the internet, security cannot be guaranteed. Such data could possibly be accessed by third parties.

Device data protection

At the moment of executing an analysis in LIPEA the following device information is collected under the legal basis: (1) legitimate interest of the data controller.

  • Type of device
  • Operative system and version
  • Browser and version

Is important to clarify that this information is not saved in relation to the user, it is linked anonymously to the analysis.

The purpose saving this data is identify possible errors during the analysis execution. If an error is detected, with this information we can use the same device to fix the specific bug. This is directly related to improve our system and give to you the best performance and security when you execute an analysis.


Your results will be available for a minimum period of one year. You can access to your results using the link generated after the analysis execution. In the results' page you will be able to download your results as many times that you want.

If you uploaded a file/s to execute your analysis, this information will be saved in our server until the deletion of your analysis. You can request this deletion writing your results link in our contact form, then the analysis, its file/s, and its results will be removed in a period of 24 hours.

After one year, the administrators of the system could remove the oldest analyses, file/s, and results from our database.

Server log files

IP addresses and urls are logged to maintain the availability and security this site, and to detect and correct errors in our IT systems. Log files will be deleted after 7 days.